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INSIGHTS: Slip & Fall

Who is Liable if I Slip on Snow or Ice?

Winter weather in New York can be harsh. Snow, sleet and freezing rain can accumulate in a matter of minutes leading to icy and slippery conditions. If it is not removed in a reasonable amount of time, snow and ice on walkways and sidewalks can cause slip and fall accidents that result in serious injuries. [...]

New York City Sidewalk Trip & Falls: Who's Responsible?

New York is a very walkable city. In fact, according to the DOT, there are 12,750 miles of sidewalks in New York City. Since it's so easy to get around on foot, New Yorkers frequently choose walking as a means of traveling to work, home, school, running errands, and getting where they need to go. [...]

New York City Public Transportation Trip and Falls & Slip and Falls

New Yorkers spend a good deal of time in the subway, on buses, and at train stations. While we expect to be able to ride on public transportation and traverse through public transit stations without incident, there are sometimes defects in walkways or platforms, that can cause trip and falls. [...]

Can I Sue a Supermarket for My Slip & Fall?

No one expects to go food shopping and get injured. However, slip and fall accidents are a common occurrence at supermarkets and grocery stores. Without proper precautions and maintenance at the premises, a supermarket can be a dangerous place - spills from food and beverages, refrigerator or freezer leaks, residue from cleaning solution or wax on floors, icy parking lots and defective shopping carts can all create hazardous conditions that lead to slip and falls.

Can I Sue a Home Improvement or Hardware Store For My Injuries?

Many people go to home improvement stores or local hardware stores for supplies and equipment to aid them around the house and yard. Normally, you expect that the trip would be uneventful and you'll be able to leave with the tools or materials you need for your project. However, it's important to be extremely cautious about safety when you visit a hardware store or home improvement store - the hazards and dangerous conditions inherent in these stores can create accidents that result in severe, debilitating and traumatic injuries.

Retail Store Liability for Customer Slip & Falls in New York City

When you go to a store, you generally expect the trip will be uneventful and you'll return home with the items you need. However, there are sometimes conditions in retail stores that can lead to slip and fall accidents. These kinds of incidents can result in severe injury to a customer, extensive medical[...]