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New York City Bus Accidents

Many New Yorkers rely on buses to get from place to place. On an average weekday, 2.4 million people ride on public buses throughout the five boroughs. Although New York City buses are usually reliable and safe, accidents can still happen - crashes with vehicles, falls due to jarring stops, and slip and falls on liquids are all common occurrences that can cause injuries to bus riders.

Accidents Arising from the Operation of a City Bus
Operating a bus is a huge responsibility. Bus drivers have a duty to other drivers and vehicles on the road, as well as the passengers on board. However, accidents can sometimes happen as a result of negligence, carelessness, or recklessness. Injuries to bus passengers can result due to:

•Inadequate training
•Drowsy or drunk driving
•Distracted driving
•Failure to observe other vehicles or pedestrians
•Operating the bus before boarding passengers are secure
•Failure to yield
•Sudden and jarring stops

Trip and Falls & Slip and Falls on City Buses
Trip and falls and slip and falls are other common accidents that can happen on city buses. If your trip and fall or slip and fall occurred due to a dangerous condition that the bus driver, the MTA (or other company that owns and/or operates the bus), or another responsible party knew about - or should have known about - you may be able to demonstrate that they were negligent.

Failure to clean spills or puddles can cause slip and fall accidents on city buses. In addition, trip and falls on buses can occur due to broken handrails or steps leading up to the bus, debris on flooring, and other defects and disrepairs. Liability may also be imposed for a trip and fall if the bus driver was negligent in where he or she stopped the bus, such as at a pothole or a defective curb.

Suing for Damages Related to Bus Accident Injuries
Bus accident injuries can be extensive and cause debilitating injuries that affect your daily life. If you were injured in a bus accident, it is important to seek medical help right away. Also, if you can, take photos of the defective condition that caused your injuries - these may later prove helpful if you commence a lawsuit.

Depending on the facts and circumstances surrounding the accident and your injuries, you may be entitled to compensation. However, knowing which parties to sue for bus accident injuries can be complex. You may commence an action against the bus driver, the owner/operator of the bus company (such as the MTA, NYCTA, or NICE), or a third-party such as another bus passenger or driver on the road.

If the responsible party was found to be negligent, you may recover damages for out of pocket medical expenses, future medical expenses time lost from work, pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of consortium, and wrongful death.

Contact a New York Bus Accident Attorney
If you were injured on a city bus you should contact a personal injury attorney immediately who can advise you of your legal rights. It is important to contact an attorney who handles bus accident cases as soon as possible. There are strict statutes of limitation that begin running from the date of the accident and much shorter ones if a claim should be brought against a public authority. Additionally, in some cases, you may be entitled to file for No-Fault benefits, which must be done within thirty days of the accident.

An experienced personal injury attorney can help you recover the compensation you deserve for your injuries, medical expenses, and time lost from work. The Popick Law Firm has over thirty years of experience in obtaining compensation for victims of bus accidents. Located in Fresh Meadows, NY, The Popick Law Firm handles personal injury cases in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx, as well as Nassau and Suffolk counties. Contact The Popick Law Firm today for a consultation.