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INSIGHTS: New York City

Suing for Negligent Child Supervision in New York

When you send your children to school, daycare, extracurricular sports, or after school activities, you expect them to be properly cared for and supervised. However, sometimes those who are entrusted to care for children fail to properly supervise them, leading to accidents and injuries.

What is New York's Scaffold Law?

If you work in construction, you know that taking safety measures is extremely important - particularly if you work at elevated heights. Recognizing that many workers have to do their jobs on ladders, scaffolds, and using hoists, New York has a law that specifies these [...]

New York City Industrial Code Violations Accidents

Construction is one of the most dangerous industries in New York. According to the New York City Department of Health, construction-related fatalities are five times higher than all other industries in the city.[...]

Injured at Work: Can I Still Sue for My Injuries?

Workplace injuries can occur in practically any place of employment. Whether you work at a retail store, a supermarket, a restaurant, an office, a hospital, or on a construction site, accidents can unexpectedly happen. [...]

Landlord Liability for Apartment Building Injuries

Landlord Liability for Apartment Building Injuries

Landlords must ensure that the apartment buildings and the premises they own and maintain are kept in a reasonably safe condition. This obligation extends to tenants, their guests, and others who have permission to enter the property. However [...]

Can I Sue for Negligent Security?

Every property owner or landlord has an obligation to ensure that they provide safe premises for tenants, guests, licensees, and anyone on their property. In addition to keeping a premise free from defects and known hazards, a property owner also must ensure that they take reasonable measures to protect those on the property from criminal attacks. Depending on the circumstances, a property owner's actions or inactions can hold them liable under a type of premises liability called negligent security.

 How to Prove Liability in a New York City Construction Site Accident

If you work on a construction site, you're aware of the risk and dangers involved. Despite the safety measures you take, many New York City construction accidents can occur as a result of New York State, Department of Labor industrial code violations. The New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health (NYCOSH) issued a [...]

Suing for New York City Elevator Accidents

Elevators are everywhere in New York City. From skyrise apartment buildings to office spaces, shopping locations, and public transportation hubs, elevators can provide a fast, safe, and accessible alternative to stairs or escalators. However, elevators can quickly become [...]

New York City Escalator Accidents Lawsuits

Escalators play a vital role in every-day life in New York City. Thousands of escalators are found throughout the five boroughs at MTA subway stations, train stations, retail stores, office buildings, and other public places. Although they can be faster and more efficient than [...}

Liability for Ladder Accidents in New York

A ladder can pose serious dangers. If it is defective or not secured properly, the person using it can fall from a significant height and sustain severe injuries or fatality. Ladder accidents can happen in the workplace, on construction sites, at stores, and at home. No matter where the[...]