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Do I Need an Attorney for My New York Car Accident?

Do I Need an Attorney for My New York Car Accident?

Five Reasons Why Legal Representation in a Car Accident Case is Crucial

Car accidents can be terrifying experiences. Whether you’ve been rear-ended, T-boned, or sideswiped in a New York car accident, you may have suffered injuries. Some injuries cause you to lose time from work and require substantial and costly medical treatment. In these situations, you might be required to file a personal injury action to recover compensation for the expenses. However, in other cases — such as those involving soft tissue injuries — you might be wondering if you need representation.

It’s a good idea to immediately consult with a car accident attorney following the collision no matter what kind of injuries you have. Even if your case doesn’t make it to trial, you may be entitled to a settlement from the insurance company. Retaining an attorney has numerous advantages and can protect your rights both in court and when dealing with the insurance companies.

1. A Car Accident Attorney Can Protect Your Legal Rights

From the beginning of a car accident case, insurance companies will be involved. Your insurance company will likely ask you questions about the crash and your injuries as soon as your report it. The insurance company for the other side may contact you and ask you for a statement over the phone.

Before talking to anyone, it is imperative to consult with an attorney who can help protect your legal rights. An adjuster may try to entrap you into admitting liability, or you may say something inadvertently that could affect your claim or a future lawsuit. If you retain an attorney for your accident, the insurance companies will no longer be permitted to speak with you - they will be required to talk with your attorney.

2. A Car Accident Attorney Can Help You Recover Maximum Compensation

Even if your case doesn't make it to litigation in court, a car accident attorney can negotiate the best possible settlement for your case with the insurance company. These negotiations can be complicated and require the knowledge of an attorney who is familiar with speaking the language of the adjusters and can skillfully advocate for the maximum compensation you're entitled. Often, the first offer made by an insurance company to compensate you for your car accident injuries is low - it's vital that you have an attorney on your side who knows how to value your damages.

3. A Car Accident Attorney Knows the Statutes of Limitations

If you miss a statute of limitations or other deadline concerning your car accident, your claim may be barred. In any car crash case, there are timelines that you must follow. From filing your no-fault claim within the first thirty days of the accident to commencing a personal injury action in court, an attorney knows the procedures to follow and any applicable time frames.

4. A Car Accident Attorney Can Fight For You in Court

Every car accident case is different. Depending on your injuries, a car accident attorney will know the best course of action to take in your case to secure you the maximum compensation possible. Sometimes, it is better to settle with the insurance company than go through the lengthy litigation process. Other times, you may not get the car accident compensation you deserve unless you commence a personal injury action in court.

Navigating the court system and the legal procedures of a personal injury action is complicated for those unfamiliar with it. Proving negligence can also be extremely complex. An experienced personal injury attorney knows how to strategize throughout the litigation process and how to prove liability at trial.

5. A Car Accident Attorney Knows How to Use Medical Documentation to Establish Your Injuries

Car accident-related medical records are crucial to your case. They are used for both settlement and litigation purposes. To be compensated for your injuries, they need to be adequately documented and established by your doctor. While the defendant’s insurance company or attorney may argue that your injuries are pre-existing, these records can help verify that they are a direct result of the defendant’s negligence. A car accident attorney can use your medical records to develop a strong legal argument

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