I highly recommend Brad Popick and Rick Rutman. Not only do I think they are excellent lawyers but I trust Brad and Rick to have my best interests at heart. I have hired them as my lawyers for four accidents and I am very satisified with their services. My family members have also hired Brad Popick and Rick Rutman and they, too, are happy with their services and the results. 

I made a big mistake in not calling them first when I had an on-the-job accident in 2013. Instead, I called a law firm located near my home in Staten island. I had very serious injuries but the close-to-home lawyer wanted to settle the case for only $60,000. I was very upset and called Brad Popick and Rick Rutman. Brad and Rick took the case over from the first lawyer, worked on it for another two years and then settled my case for $825,000. 

The difference between the two law firms was like night and day. The lawyers at first law firm did not explain the law to me. I generally had to speak to a secretary when I had a question, and when a lawyer did speak with me they sounded like they just wanted to settle the case quickly and get a quick and easy fee. 

With Brad Popick and Rick Rutman, I dealt with Brad and Rick directly. They took a lot of time to get into the details of the accident and discovered causes of action the first lawyer was not able to because he did not speak to me in a thorough manner. Brad and Rick answered all my questions about my case every step of the way, and also told me how the case would affect my workers compensation, disability and Medicare. At the settlement, they made sure my future medical bills were covered. The way that Brad Popick and Rick Rutman handled my case was comprehensive and detail-oriented and I am very happy with the results they got for me. 

On The Job Accident


I am very happy with the way Brad Popick and Rick Rutman handled my case. I had slipped and fell on the ice on the sidewalk. They kept me informed of what was going on with my case, pushed it through the court system as fast as they could, spent a substantial amount of time preparing me for my deposition, hired an expert for trial, defeated a summary judgment motion made by the defendants to dismiss my case and they went further than they needed to and reduced a medical lien I had with my union. At the end of the case I received an excellent settlement at mediation so I did not have to try the case.

Slip & Fall Case Resolved

L. N., March 2017

I would strongly recommend Brad Popick and the Law office of Popick & Rutman. Mr. Popick has handled two car accident cases for me; he is always on top of things and I feel very confident in him. He is my "go-to-guy". Everybody at the office was always helpful and informative. I would highly recommend Popick & Rutman to my friends and family.

More Than One Car Accident Cases Settled Before Trial


I've been involved in several accidents over the last 20 years and attorney Brad Popick has always been there for me. Mr. Popick and his office have always treated me in a professional and respectful manner. Any time I contacted Brad, his responses were always timely and thorough. He has always been there to offer advice and help me anytime I had any questions. I would strongly recommend the Popick Law Firm to anyone who wants an experienced lawyer and personal service.

Diane D.